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Everything you need to prepare and deliver content that fuels your community with the knowledge they need so they can make the most informed wellness decisions, namely, committing to regular, lifetime Chiropractic care for themselves and their families.

This one presentation can be a series delivered and you can take all of these slides AND slow down and deliver the truth. In classic TLC style, we give you so much AND we realize it will fuel you to dig deep with each slide.

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    Stress (Adapt or Perish)

    • Powerpoint - Stress Adaptations (Puppy Therapy) - Speak Out Revolution

    • Powerpoint - Stress - Speak Out 2020

    • Opening - Audio - Stress

    • Content - Audio - Stress

    • Closing - Audio - Stress

    • Workshop Announcement Flyer - Stress

    • Inventory Handout - Stress