Hello, Welcome to Chiropractic - Day 1
Intensify your Day 1 New Patient process by using this brief patient education video. Produced with world class quality, compelling patient testimonials and scripting which will greatly reduce the amount of time you need to spend in screening while enhancing conversion.

Report of Findings for Patients - Day 2
The perfect compliment to the Day 1 video with yet more actual patient testimonials. This 10-minute video will dramatically succeed at navigating your patients toward better comprehension of the report and ultimately accepting your recommendation. It then spans through the group report process demanding less words from you and providing perfect visuals for greater conversion.


"I just love the fact that it helps to prepare the new patient for their journey in our office. It lays the ground work for what needs to be done."
~ Dr. J.B.

"The New Patient Education videos are priceless – In my opinion, you can't master the NP /NPR without these videos. Without mastering these areas conversions will be a struggle, as will drop outs and PVA. These videos are a must."
~ Dr. J.C.

"The New Patient Education videos I could not Practice without. How can you do an efficient day 1 and day 2 without that vital information delivered in a way better than I can. It is a must in my practice and yours."
~ Dr. K.M.

"My favorite TLC product is the New Patient Education videos. It's my favorite because every patient (and often their spouse) sees it and it's a vital resource in starting to transform the way patients understand chiropractic and begin to see what true health & wellness is all about. Plus it's a video that has been produced with the highest degree of professionalism and technical excellence... just like all the TLC H.O.T. products."
~ Dr. S.M.

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